Raising the Dead Blog: again

I hereby resurrect Displaced Saxophonist the blog. It’s been in cold storage for several years. Gotta love the infinitely democratic internet, a place where every nut has a chance to grow into an oak tree. Why did I go silent? Why did I come back?

Some backstory…

This blog began in 2009. Life was different then. My wife and I were living in Tucson. I was a brand new first time dad and a homeowner,
late-twenties. My career was a bit of a moving target {recurring theme}. We had fun.

This was me then.
Shit, I was young. I liked those glasses. Versace. Megan picked them out. The haircut is suspect.




This is current me.                   The haircut is less suspect. The beard works.


What I hadn’t done in the previous three years, since our excursion to Arizona, was play my saxophone in public with a band. Not one. damn. time. No paying gigs. No pro-bono church building fund weenie roasts. No Elks Lodge spaghetti supers. Nothing. Before I moved to Tucson, I was playing 2-3 nights PER WEEK with 3 different bands. That change made my soul scream. But at the time, I felt too busy and was too resistant to reestablish myself as a musician, so I just dealt with it as best I could by transmuting some of my feelings into this blog, hence “Displaced” in the title. {Life lesson: postponing uncomfortable things grinds you down.}

I wrote a few posts. A few folks saw it. That was it. Then life happened some more and I let it go to seed.

Now, things are different. I’m 37. Megan {my lovely wife} and I have two beautiful kids. My career has stabilized {as much as it ever will}. I reinvented myself as an MBA career coach and built some respectable experience in higher ed. We left Arizona to be near family in Raleigh and Wilmington, NC. My wife stepped out of the career fast lane temporarily and got an overdue recharge. And, I’m playing again. Seriously playing again. Had a gig Saturday…big wedding at the Carolina Country Club. The bride and groom were infants. Godspeed, young-uns’.

Here are pics to prove it. I even got to record with the Casablanca Orchestra. Recording is strange.

So this blog is a something of a retread, but hopefully new and improved. I’ll even let the old jazz related posts hang out for a while, like zombies, for you to see. I blush when I read them, but you may enjoy them, so what the hell.

Here’s what you can expect to see.

1. A chronicle of my musical journey with all it’s bright moments and the ugly ones too. Yes, you’ll be able to book the band and hear the music. Coming soon.

2. I’ll also attempt to write about those wonderful artists that inspire, delight, and terrify me. I’ll introduce you to other writers in the space who are doing it big and inspire me to trot out my product even though it’s raggedy.

3. Writing about the “other stuff” that’s integral to the music thing. I look at the arts holistically and I collect relevant things from all corners. This includes style, food, and career related topics that might be relevant to folks trying to design a good life.

I invite you to come along. And, I thank you for it.







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