JazzWerx Gets Back to the Roots of Improvisation

Whitney Balliet famously said “jazz is the sound of surprise.”  Something magical happens when rhythm, melody, harmony, and passion collide with a groove that makes your toe tap.  JazzWerx, the educational outreach arm of the Tucson Jazz Society is capturing that magic by creating a hip little army of practitioners to ensure the future of our music.  See, if you’re not moving forward, then you’re standing still or worse.  We must keep our music fresh and the best way to do that is to pass the torch to dedicated young people. 

Under the superb artistic direction of Brice Winston and the JazzWerx faculty, students have numerous opportunities to learn the craft of jazz.  This year we have decided to return to the roots of what makes jazz great, creative improvisation.  From King Oliver to John Coltrane, to the cutting edge experimentalists of today, improvisation has been the centerpiece of the art form.  The new JazzWerx curriculum will focus on small group improvisation in a combo setting with all of its students.  This better prepares the student for the realities of the jazz business and affords them more individualized instruction from our faculty. 

 We’re excited about our renewed commitment to the art of improvisation and I delight in watching the development of our students.  We invite you to invest in the future of our music by learning more about JazzWerx.  Just visit us on the web at www.tucsonjazzwerx.org to get involved.


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